Marisa has been my acupuncturist since 2006.  She has treated me for arthritis in the hands, completely relieving me of the symptoms using a combination of herbs and acupuncture.  Also she has treated me for pre-menoposal symptoms, and other conditions caused by stress and diet.   At each visit, Marisa attentively assesses ones condition, then she synthesizes this information and creates an treatment plan.  The treatments are deeply relaxing and beneficial.

Marisa is also an impressive practitioner of Body Talk.  She performed a remote session of Body Talk on my sister, who was at the time in great emotional distress.  (Marisa and my sister had met once, briefly.  This is to say, Marisa did not know anything about my sister).  The information Marisa uncovered was uncannily correct, and her insights made perfect sense regarding my sister's condition.  The effects of the Body Talk session were tangible: in time my sister shifted into a place of greater well being and empowerment.  Marisa is an excellent practitioner.  HC West Palm Beach, FL

Marisa DalPan is an excellent practitioner in the healing arts, and working with her has been an incredible source for improving my physical and emotional health. Marisa has a superior level of integrity and it is evident in her work that she holds herself to the highest standards. She is responsive to my needs, always having new, pertinent advice and recommendations to share. Marisa's all-encompassing approach to mind/body wellness has improved my health and quality of life. The tangible lessons I continue to learn from working with her are invaluable. I am grateful she shares her depth of knowledge and wonderful spirit with clients such as myself. She has a gift for making wellness achievable.  L.G, Fort Lauderdale, F

Marisa is a wonderful acupuncturist and healer.  I met her about 10 years ago when I started having a lot of menopause symptoms - heavy bleeding and terrible night sweats. I am happy to say I never had to go on any kind of hormone replacement therapy.  Acupuncture and the herbs she gave me was all I did and it worked. I have continued seeing Marisa on a regular basis. In a few sessions, she was able to resolve my trigeminal neuralgia.  I have gone to her for stomach problems, and when I am feeling very stressed.  She works wonders with her needles and BodyTalk; it is amazing how accurate she always is with her BodyTalk treatments. I have been treated both in person and have done distance treatments, and have received tremendous benefit from both. I recommend her to all my friends and clients.  E.D, Miami, FL

I moved to Florida over 8 years ago and searched for a great acupuncturist.  On my 4th attempt I found Marisa.  She is superb.  She is a serious practitioner, who is very caring.  What I particularly like about Marisa is her knowledge of BodyTalk, Acupuncture, and Nutrition.  During your appointment Marisa uses all three areas to help diagnose the situation, treat you, and provide helpful suggestions on life changes.   She has great attention to detail, listens closely to what you say, and spends as much time as necessary with you.  You never feel rushed during the appointment. She also has flexibility in scheduling. I highly recommend her!    P.M., West Palm Beach, FL

Because Marisa Dalpan is a multi skilled health practitioner as an acupuncturist, herbalist, BodyTalk practitioner and dietary consultant, she empowers people by tailoring an individual plan that maintains their well being. She conveys that health is an everyday event. As a result, her clients dramatically improve their lives. While in New York, I am able to work with Marisa via distance sessions, and she is always my first phone call when I arrive in Miami.  K.B., New York, NY